PRACTICE & Rating Scale NURSING Dementia Assessment: Using

•Review the patient’s presenting problem, including –mental and medical health status and history –family medical and mental health history...

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MANUAL FOR USING THE FUNCTIONAL ASSESSMENT RATING SCALE TM TM John C. Ward, Jr., Ph.D. Michael G. Dow, Ph.D. Kathy Penner, M.A. Terri Saunders, M.S

Clinical Dementia Rating Worksheet This is a semi -structured interview. ... Ask any additional questions necessary to determine the subject’s CDR

Assessment of Practice: Nursing ... Entries made in the portfolio must ensure the service users’ right ... Welcome to your assessment of practice documentation 1

Practice Learning Resource. This resource is designed to help you to develop your ability to support people with dementia, their families and carers

Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) Source: Holmes, T.H. & Rahe, R.H. (1967). The social readjustment rating scale. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 11 , 213-218

Connor's Abbreviated Rating Scale is shown below, a total of more than 15 is suggestive of ADD/ADHD: Name: Not at all. (0). Just a little. (1). Pretty much (2). Very much. (3). RESTLESS AND OVERACTIVE. EXCITABLE, IMPULSIVE. DISTURBS OTHER CHILDREN. F

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative Data Support and Feedback Reporting TCPI Practice Assessment Tool 2.0 &

1. Depressed Mood (sadness, hopeless, helpless, worthless) 0 Absent 1 These feeling states indicated only on questioning 2 These feeling states spontaneously reported verbally

Conners' Teacher Rating Scale - ... oppositional behavior or failure to understand instructions) . ... Connors Teachers Rating Scale Online.doc

Sample Nursing Assessment Form Training Program ... [ ] trachestomy [ ] colostomy [ ] ileostomy [ ] ... Dietary modifications: